Eureka Fire Protection District

Fire Marshal Rich Pallarito

AddressP.O. Box 97
CountySt. Louis and Jefferson
Zip Code63025
Phone #636-938-5505
Fax #636-938-6970

Current Code Enforced

2003 International Building, Fire, and Residential Code. Eureka Fire Protection District Ordinance #28 (available at

Number of prints required to submit along with app

1 Residential 2 Commercial and 2 sets of specifications books or information which corresponds.

How many will be returned?


Are they to be signed or sealed and by whom?

Yes, Missouri Liscened Engineer or Architect

Fee for Residential Permit:

$50.00 up to the 1st $10,000.00 of estimated construction cost and $2.00 per thousand thereafter.

Fee for Commercial Permit:

$100.00 up to the 1st $25,000.00 of estimated construction cost and $3.00 per thousand thereafter.

XFire alarm systemsFee:$100.00 -1st 200 devices & $1.00 a device thereafter
XFire suppression systemsFee:$100.00 - 1st 200 heads and $0.50 per head thereafter
Mechanical and ElectricalFee:
XHood Suppression SystemFee:$100.00 - per system (hood and suppression)
Cooking HoodFee:
Duct InstallationsFee:
Special AgentsFee:
XFireworksFee:$50.00 - per display site
XBurningFee:$50.00 - per 60 day period / site for ACDs only. Regulated by DNR

Any other permits not listed above.

Temporary or Mobile Structures (excluding fireworks stand) - $50.00 per 6 month period.

Commercial Business Use Permit - $50.00 per occupant or tenant space. Permit void after occupant or tenant space has been vacated.

Mobile Home Units - $50.00 per unit Residential Re-Inspection Fee - $40.00 per re-inspection. Must be paid prior to re-inspection.

Permit renewal Application Fee - $50.00 per renewal application. Only permits that meet the requirements of Eureka Fire District Ordinance #27 will be renewed.

Firework Sales and Stands - $200.00 for the 1st 100sqft. $0.50 per each additional sqft thereafter.

Above or Below Ground Storage Tanks - $50.00 per tank. Dry Hydrant Installation Inspections - $50.00 per hydrant.

Site Plan Review and Approval - $100.00 per proposed site development. (Issue 2 sets of plans at time of application)

Explain your permitting process.

Submit required set of plans and fill out application for approval.

List any municipalities within your jurisdiction.

City of Eureka, St. Louis County, Jefferson County.